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Another beautiful tree in the yard!

This past week I was contacted by a couple in Kalispell. They had a boxelder that had blown down this spring. They were planning on paying a tree service to cut it up and haul it to the dump. Thankfully they heard I might be interested! This tree had some beautiful burls on the trunk, so of course I said I would take it!

Boxelder is another tree that you won't find at the lumber stores. From a hardwood perspective it is pretty soft. But with a good finish and solid building it will make some awesome furniture!

Step one of The tree to table furniture process begins with finding a tree. From there I cut it up and put it on the trailer.

Step 2: Getting the logs home and milled up!

Step 3: drying, depending on the species this may take some time.. .be patient, the wait is worth it!

Step 4: Lets make something beautiful!

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