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Peace from Trees

How many of us have found a shift in our priorities in this year of hunkering down? I found this Wendell Berry poem recently. I found that the words really speak to me. There is so much peace found amongst the trees. I have found this as much of my inspiration in working with wood. To give a new voice to these majestic monarchs of the forest and field!

I go among trees and sit still. All my stirring becomes quiet around me like circles on water. My tasks lie in their places where I left them, asleep like cattle.

Then what is afraid of me comes and lives a while in my sight. What it fears in me leaves me, and the fear of me leaves it. It sings, and I hear its song.

Then what I am afraid of comes. I live for a while in its sight. What I fear in it leaves it, and the fear of it leaves me. It sings, and I hear its song.

After days of labor, mute in my consternations, I hear my song at last, and I sing it. As we sing, the day turns, the trees move.

-Wendell Berry

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